How to Practice JAMB Online

The joint admissions and matriculation board is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary institutions. They conduct the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations for prospective undergraduates or secondary school leavers.

Each year JAMB conducts an examination that determines if a student will be admitted to higher education. It’s no news to us that the unified tertiary matriculation exam lasts for a year and with a grade range of 0-400.

After conducting the UTME examination each year, the board has a meeting to deliberate on the cut-off marks for universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education, which is released in the space of a month or two.

A very important prerequisite to writing the UTME is to obtain the West African examination council (WAEC) examination or its equivalent, which is the national examination council (NECO). Therefore, you must write the exam and pass each subject very well before proceeding on to obtain a JAMB form.


Ever since JAMB has been in operation, the exams have always been written using the paper-based test.

However, due to some inadequacies resulting from the mode of writing the examination such as missing answer sheets, inability for the machine to read the OMR sheet because the student didn’t properly shade etc., they had to come up with a better mode for writing the examination which birthed the use of the computer-based test.

The joint admissions and matriculation board introduced the use of Computer-based tests also known as online tests in 2013 due to the inefficiency of paper written tests and ever since then they have continued up until this year and have stopped the use of the paper-based test.

The JAMB Computer-based Test is an exam written with a programmed computer that is connected to the internet. The computer-based test is a new system that most high school leavers are not used to and the more reason why there has to be exposure to the CBT exam even before attempting the exam.

For many candidates that would be taking the exam this year, I am sure you will have several questions in your mind such as how does JAMB CBT exam looks like? How will you submit when you’re done? , and many more.

So, the only way to answer this question and gain exposure to the system is by practicing online test questions of which a large chunk of them are free and very accessible. This takes us to how to practice JAMB online.

JAMB CBT Practice Test Online is computer testing and preparatory software was designed to help candidates prepare them for the forthcoming JAMB CBT examination, more like a mock examination. Questions based on JAMB/UTME past questions have been installed on it.

The software tracks the user, marks, and score with detailed explanations and statistics of an area of strength and weaknesses in the topics. This software will access prospective candidate’s preparedness for the forthcoming exam.

Where to Practice JAMB Online

Taking the JAMB Computer-based test is not stressful; all you need is good internet connections and a computer device. These online tests are available on different websites and platforms on the internet so you access them at any point in time. A few of these websites have been compiled to give you easy access to those websites. Some of them also give you access to the questions offline by making them available for download.

Below are few websites to practice JAMB CBT Online questions free and steps on how to navigate on each website to guide candidates preparing for the forthcoming JAMB examinations:


  • Enter, Into your web browser
  • Click on the subject you want to practice and wait for it to load
  • Then select start quiz and the go-ahead to practice and make sure you follow the instructions


  • Click on the JAMB CBT and wait to load, then a page containing a list of subjects will appear
  • Then select the subject you prefer to practice and make sure you follow the instructions


  • Enter  into your web browser
  • Go to the top right corner of the page and click on the dialog box
  • Then click on practice questions
  • After that click on the JAMB practice exam
  • Then click on the subject you want to practice and make sure work with time.


  • Enter  into your web browser
  • Click on the JAMB Computer-based testing, CBT Practice ONLINE
  • Then click on your preferred subject and then go ahead to practice

  • Enter  into your web browser
  • Click on the LATEST 2021 JAMB CBT Practice software
  • You can practice it online or download the software so that you can use it offline


  • Enter into your web browser
  • Click on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT to have access and start practicing the test questions.


  • Enter into your web browser,
  • Search for the subject you want to practice and click on START PRACTICING


  • Enter into your web browser
  • Click on the dialog box at the top left corner of the page
  • Click on JAMB
  • and then click on a quiz and select the subject you would like to practice



  • Enter  into your web browser
  • Click on the dialog button at the top right corner of the page
  • Then click on the icon JAMB CBT
  • From there the jamb online practice would pop up then click on START NOW and follow all the instructions given.

All these websites have carefully developed the online JAMB CBT tests on their sites to cater to unforeseen circumstances like a little tweak in internet connections. After taking the test the candidate should be able to learn how to answer CBT questions using a computer. We recommend that in practicing you use a computer for better resolution and familiarity with the system. Wishing you all the best in your preparations for your exams.

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