How to Get Admission with Low JAMB Score

Are you clueless on what to do after checking your jamb score and realizing your jamb score didn’t meet your expectations and the required marks of your preferred institution or course, instead of groping and feeling sad, look to the brighter side as there is still hope, I mean to say you are not out of the admission race except you willingly pull yourself out of it. I am here to guide you as a big brother, you will be so shocked to know that there is not just one way to get admitted with a low score but there are several ways to make sure you get admitted. So you relax, It might not be over after all. Your University, Polytechnic, and College of Education dream is still possible if you treat this as important.

Change of Course and Institution:

Few weeks or a month after J.A.M.B UTME results has been released. J.A.M.B puts up a change of institution form for candidates to make changes on their choices as against the realities of their results. Some courses are highly competitive courses as we know so low scores would not fetch you admission, in a case where a candidate applies for Law and scores below 230, there is little chance of him getting admitted to study that course, so what the change of course form brings to the table is that you will be able to look for less competitive courses that will give you a better shot at being a student. In the same vein the change of institution has got to do with alterations made by a candidate after considering his jamb score with the institutions cut-off for that year, it is only natural that if your score falls below the schools standard or cut-off, you go for another school with lower cut-off mark that can accommodate your chances. So you see there is still that chance of getting admitted this year, so do not hesitate to purchase the change of institution form anytime it is on sale.


Cover lost grounds with post utme:

Some schools offer post utme examination, this could be an advantage to students who didn’t really have that all imposing jamb score, imagine a scenario were the Jamb score of a candidate is 200 which is 50% and in the post utme the student reached 90%, the student has made up for his core during the U.T.M.E with a high Post-utme score. So when this is averaged s/he now has a score of 70% which looks good enough to fetch the candidate admission.

Consider Polytechnics and Colleges of Education:

If your jamb score falls below 180 truths be told you do not stand a chance to get into a Federal university as this institutions have a whole lot of population scrambling for limited spaces, with result as high as 200 above, so why not go for a polytechnic or college of education as these institutions are still centres of higher learning, and if you are not fine with these, why not wait for the next UTME, but I am of the opinion that it is better to get admitted into the polytechnic and if you’re hell-bent on University education why not write Jamb while in school or better still go into the University with Direct entry after ND .



Did that come to you as a shocker? Yes, there are many schools in Nigeria that accept low jamb scores as low as 120. These Universities are Private universities and they accept students with 120 above into the 2021 Academic session as freshers but be reminded not all private universities accept Low J.A.M.B Score as Covenant sticks with the 180 mark.



JUPEB is an acronym for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board and IJMB Interim Joint Matriculation Board, Are A-Level exams that run annually. These programs will make you a direct entry student upon your entry after a year placing you as a second year student. Registrations are still ongoing.

Now you see that there is hope, all you need do now is trying.

Success in your  Endeavour.

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