Hispanic Scholarship Fund application 2022-2023 – www.hsf.net/sign-up

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is a program that empowers Hispanic and Latoni parents and students with relevant knowledge and needed resources to assist them to complete higher education.

The program also provides scholarships and other educational services to students who are exceptional in their academics.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Requirments and Eligibility

To be eligible for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, a student must be any of the following;

  • A Graduating high school senior.
  • A Community college student who is at the verge of transferring to 4-year universities.
  • An undergraduate student.
  • Graduate of law, medicine, MBA and every full-time master and PHD.
  • A Citizen of the U.S. with Hispanic or Latino heritage.
  • A DACA, or permanent resident.
  • Students who are planning to apply must be of Hispanic heritage.
  • High Students must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0 or its equivalent.
  • College or Graduate students must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA on a scale of 4.0 or its equivalent.
  • Student must be planning to enroll in a 4-year university or graduate school for the 2021 – 2022 academic year in the US. The university or graduate school must be accredited, public or not-for-profit.
  • Interested student must submit state-based financial aid form or FAFSA.

Steps to use the Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2022 Application Form Portal

Signing up in the Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2022 Application Form Portal gives you the opportunity to;

  • Connect with the HSF Team
  • Be informed about future volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Become a volunteer and help to groom future leaders.

To sign up in the Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2022 Application Form Portal, follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the url of the portal, https://www.hsf.net/sign-up.
  2. Scroll down and type in your first and last names in the boxes provided
  3. Insert your date of birth accurately.
  4. Choose your profile; Student, Supporter, HSF Alum, Educator, Parent, Educator, Community Representative, or Volunteer.
  5. Type in your functional email address.
  6. Type in the email again for confirmation.
  7. Create a password of at least 8 characters including upper case and lower case alphabets, symbol and number.
  8. Retype your password for confirmation.
  9. Check the ‘Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  10. Prove you are not a robot by checking the box located before the ‘I’m not a robot’. Wait for it to finish loading.
  11. Click ‘Create Account.
  12. Open your email and click on the confirmation link that has been sent to you.
  13. Once you have done that, your account will be verified.
  14. Wait for the page to finish loading and click ‘CONTINUE TO SIGN-IN PAGE’.
  15. Scroll down and type in your email and password.
  16. Click Sign in when you are done.

Your account with Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2022 Application Form Portal will open. You can proceed to editing your profile by clicking on Profile, choose your gender, residency, race and High School  Graduation Date. Once you are done with this, click on Save Changes.

You can now proceed to applying for scholarships by clicking on Scholarships.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2022 Application Form Deadline

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund 2021 Application Form Portal opened on 1st January 2022

How Can I Become A Hispanic Scholarship Fund Volunteer?

There are three ways you can become a volunteer in the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Program

  1. Share Your HSF Alumni Story: Sharing your powerful achievement and opportunity stories will go ultimately inspire others. Your success and accomplishment can be shared on the HSF website, just send them a note thorough this link; http://www.hsf.net/contact-us.
  2. Speak in your Community or HFF Events: You can sign up to be a speaking with myHSF and motivate high school students and their families. Gathering high school students in your community and motivating them is a brilliant way of becoming a volunteer. You can indicate interest of becoming a speaking by signing up here; https://www.hsf.net/sign-up. Alternatively, you can send a note via http://www.hsf.net/contact-us.
  3. Become A Mentor in Mentor Match Program: This is another great way of becoming a volunteer in Hispanic Scholarship Fund, you can give success tips and guidance to current college students by becoming a mentor.

To do this, simply  join myHSP through https://www.hsf.net/sign-up and indicate your volunteer preferences. You may be contacted after this for additional information regarding ways you can stay connected with HSF.

Do you need a recommendation letter for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund?

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund will require at least one academic recommendation letter from you. You will also write an essay about your aspirations, educational values, and strengths.

Is HSF Competitive?

The scholarship awards offered by Hispanic Scholarship Fund are highly competitive. Unfortunately, scholarships are not awarded to all qualified candidates. If you are serious about getting the Hispanic Scholarship Fund then you should dedicate yourself entirely to the application process.

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